1 MILLION coins!

Hi, I will post some news from the CoinDeal platform, cause I'm an active user there and I want you to become them too! Why? Cause if you invite your friends to trade on Coindeal, you will receive 20% of their trading fees as a reward for recommendation! If you are interested please reach me via private message. But goin' back to the promised news:
POSTED ON 18.10.2018

As we have promised, there is a new contest for you that we organized with Electra’s team - the funders of the prize!

Win ECA - 1 MILLION coins!
Win ElectraCoin (ECA)!
ElectraCoin is a cryptocurrency newly added to CoinDeal - a cryptocurrency exchange platform, as a result of the 8th voting in our "vote for a new cryptocurrency system. ECA is created on Electra blockchain using NIST5 hashing algorithm. This cryptocurrency is a decentralized POW/POS digital asset providing fast and secure transactions.

The contest starts on October 19th, at 13:00 (UTC+01:00) and will last for the next 3 weeks until November 9th.

The prize pool is 1,000,000 Electra!

1st place - 500 000 ECA
2nd place - 250 000 ECA
3rd place - 130 000 ECA
4th place - 60 000 ECA
5th place - 26 000 ECA
6th place - 14 000 ECA
7th place - 10 000 ECA
8th place - 5 000 ECA
9th place - 3 000 ECA
10th place - 2 000 ECA
What to do to become a winner?

a user has to be registered and fully verified,
winners will be chosen by the trading volume on ECA/BTC.
To be up-to-date:

follow us on Twitter and join our group on Telegram,
follow ElectraCoin on Twitter and join the group on Telegram.
To read the regulation, click here

Take over the ECA market and win thousands!

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