45 FREE Tokens (OODL) - Est. Value $22.5 HOT!

Dear friends - this is the final round of airdrops!

Do not miss out - this is a perspective project!

1) Start the Oodlebit Telegram Bot: https://t.me/OodlebitFinalAirdropBot?start=545195608
2) Complete the human-test step.
3) Sign up on the Oodlebit Website.
4) Follow them on Twitter.
5) Submit your details to the bot.
6) Click here "Balans" - you will receive 45 OODL tokens.
7) You can also earn an additional 10 OODL tokens for every successful referral.

OODL is a team made up of traders, investors, dreamers, and innovators that are building a trading platform and other blockchain mediums which will shape a better future for our society.
The founder Nicholas Dooley can also be found on Telegram, be sure to ask him any questions you have!

OodleBit is a U.S based cryptocurrency exchange opening in early 2019 focussing on the total user experience, from the design of the platform down to the quality of customer support.
Their advanced platform, fair fees, fast trades, and fantastic support will make Oodlebit a superior choice for your digital asset trad.
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