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    The campaign is going to be ended after the Pre-Sale Token Sell in August.


    Hldycoin.com, assign 12 million HLDY tokens for Bounty and Airdrop.


    • Week 1 : 01.07.2018 – 07.07.2018
    • Week 2 : 08.07.2018 – 14.07.2018
    • Week 3 : 15.07.2018 – 21.07.2018
    • Week 4 : 22.07.2018 – 28.07.2018
    • Week 5 : 29.07.2018 – 04.08.2018
    • Week 6 : 05.08.2018 – 11.08.2018
    • Week 7 : 12.08.2018 – 18.08.2018
    • Week 8 : 19.08.2018 – 25.08.2018

    Bounty Rules :
    • Every user can register the campaign only one time. You can not use multiple accounts. Every participants who violate the rules banned from bounty campaign.
    • All entries will be checked manually so please make sure fill the correct data in the required form.
    • Members with negative trust in the Bitcointalk forums are not eligible to join any campaign.
    • Each bounty campaign has further specific rules and requirements outlined below.
    • In case of any disputes that occur between the manager and enrollers, the decision from the campaign manager (@hldybounty) will be the final decision.

    Bounty Campaign:
    1 – Up to 1.200.000 tokens will be distributed to Content and Creative Campaing.
    2 – Up to 6.000.000 tokens will be distributed to Social Media Campaing.
    3 – Up to 1.800.000 tokens will be distributed to Signature Campaing.
    4 – Up to 3.000.000 tokens will be distributed to Miscellaneous Campaing.

    1. Content and Creative Campaing

    1.200.000 token has been distributed for videos, articles, blogs or content about hldycoin.com. If you eager to participate in this campaign, you shall send a message to campaign manager. He will designate your action in respect of your followers and how many tokens you are going to receive.(@hldybounty)

    2. Social Media Campaing

    Up to 6.000.000 coin, incentives were created. You can join by filling out this google form. Our social media campaigns will be renewed weekly.
    . Please write your NEO wallet address.

    Twitter :
    - The account has to be at least 1 months old.
    - Twitter accounts must have a minimum of 50 followers.

    Facebook :
    - Facebook accounts must have a minimum of 100 friends.
    - The account has to be at least 6 month old.
    - Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.

    3. Signature Campaing

    You should be active in Bitcointalk to raise interest to our up to 1.800.000 tokens campaign. You should send at least 7 messages every week. And those should be day-to-day basis. All messages in one day will be counted as one message.
    You should fill below form up after put the signature in your account. Otherwise you will be refused.

    If you eager to participate in this campaign, please fill up this google form.
    Signature campaign awards are checked weekly.

    Weekly Bounty Award Amounts :
    • Jr Member 250 HLDY token per week
    • Member 400 HLDY token per week
    • Full Member 650 HLDY token per week
    • Sr Member 1000 HLDY token per week
    • Hero Member 1250 HLDY token per week
    • Legendary 1500 HLDY token per week

    4. Miscellaneous Campaing

    3.000.000 tokens this bounty was created for any other activities that can be done by users. We will also use the funds from this campaign if the rewards of other bounties are too low.
    The weekly Airdrop form will be on the first post.

    Total Token Supply : 240.000.000 HLDY
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