Gastro Advisor Tokens (35 FORK ) $ 6.4 (Telegram User)

Gastro Advisor Tokens (35 FORK ) $ 6.4 (Telegram User)
GastroAdvisor is giving away 35 FORK tokens ($6.30) and 7 FORK tokens ($1.26) per successful referral.
GastroAdvisor is currently working on a web platform and an IOS/Android application which will be launched soon.
GastroAdvisor consists of a team of 19 including the advisory board. Pre-ICO sales start on the 3rd of September 2017.
Get your free Token follow the steps :

1. Start the GastroAdvisor Telegram Bot click the link below
2. Join GastroAdvisor Telegram
3. Follow GastroAdvisor on Twitter
4. Submit your e-mail address and ETH address
5. For every referral you will gain 7 FORK tokens

click the image link below
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