Guys do you know about this great project?
Register and claim points easily to get tokens
Refereum is the simplest, fastest, and most secure way to market, buy, and sell games on the blockchain. Join over 100,000 streamers and gamers using Refereum today. Being entertained is the most joyful aspect of the human experience. Refereum offers simple cryptocurrency purchases, today. The platform rewards people instead of corporations and it allows anyone to make money playing video games. It secures sales for all parties using the blockchain and already has a booming community of streamers, gamers, and developers backed by an all-star team.
It has already been placed on coinmarketcap:
You guys can buy/sell tokens on these exchanges too:
Ether Delta
Fork Delta

As I know they are going to announce new big exchanges soon(etc Binance)
Look at Season 1 tokens giveaway:
Elite: 35,000 RFR to 39 people
Diamond: 7,000 RFR to 152 people
Gold: 3,500 RFR to 535 people
Silver: 2,000 RFR to 4,251 people
Bronze: 1,000 RFR to 2,093 people
1 day until season 2 end

so register fastly!
Join their telegram channel too: ... 0507e9d95a
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