Announcing the Saito Network

We are pleased to announce the release of the Saito whitepaper and technical demo:

Saito is a terabyte-level blockchain that can run real blockchain applications on chain. These 'DApps' (not smart contracts) can inclue email, social networks, payment channels, distributed forums, and other data-heavy web services.

On Saito, developers do not need Google-scale hardware to run decentralized services that can outcompete their centralized peers. Saito applications run in browser, the chain provides routing and bandwidth.

Demos showcasing how Saito works and what it does are available on our site, along with working code for developers interested in building applications on the network.

To our knowledge Saito is the first and only consensus mechanism that is 'economically perfect', that is, not suffering any collective action problems that deter revenue-earning nodes from spending money to support the public network. We welcome feedback on the network and software design.

We have lots of documentation on the site and code to hack on on gitouA, and, we are hiring!
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