Crypto Bonsai: An ERC-721 cryptocollectibles.

The BNSI is a blockchain project built on the ethereum blockchain. The token that is BNSI tokens, used on the platform is ERC-721 compatible which is based on the process of planting just the same in real life. Each BNSI token is a digital representation of a real-life ‘bonsai’ plant thus allowing users to grow and nurture their own ‘digital bonsai’. With a goal to continue reforestation awareness and action
This, therefore, indicates that every token holder is a plant owner who can nurture the bonsai to age and grow older thus gaining more value.
You’ve got to be responsible for the growth of the plant although there are tools and utilities to make the process easy such as:
• BNSI Caretakers: this is a system that would ensure the nurturing of the ‘bonsai’ in the Nursery phase without a recurring fee.
• A ‘Proof-of-Watering’: this actually ensures the growth of the plants by sending of eth in gas via smart contract to the ethereum blockchain which would serve as a reward for the caretakers and proof that the ‘bonsai’ is being cared for. All of this would be verified on the blockchain.
Under the BNSI blockchain project, as the older plant gain more value so is the BNSI token which can replicate itself as minting a new BNSI token once it reaches its EPOCH (This is within a given space of maturity time). This means that every token holder and early adopters of the project can hold the token long enough to be the first to mint new BNSI as a result of the cutting process of the ‘bonsai’.
The token is tradable on their own decentralized exchange where users can sell and purchase the BNSI called the Nursery.
Be a part of this landmark artistic work to make the world a healthy place to live in and will be proven using the blockchain technology
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