The most obvious way to save is to open a deposit at a reliable bank. Rates are now 5–7%, which roughly corresponds to expectations about the level of inflation. Those who want to win can try to exchange shares. This is a good way, but there is a risk of losing your savings. And there are links. About the links that very few people know, but in vain. Bonuses are a very reliable way to not only save, but also to win.

Bonuses: this is a fairly reliable way to competently save your savings. Much better than a bank deposit. The main thing is not to experiment with doubtful companies.

And there is a small advantage! The state is trying in all possible ways to motivate people to invest money in bonds and thus support the Russian economy. And one of the forms of motivation is 13% of the tax refund. That is, if you open an IIS (individual investment account) and put any amount in it at 400,000 rubles, then in the next year, when you send a tax return, you can receive an additional 13% of this amount from the state (provided that has paid taxes in the previous year). Here is a unique restriction, which is necessary to invest a minimum of 3 years. But you can receive a tax refund as soon as next year after earning money.

But now the future behind cryptocurrencies, which give a very good growth and most people start investing in them and get a good profit.

The arguments of supporters and opponents of digital currencies largely reflect traditional views about the economy. Supporters refer to the currencies in electronic purses as an invaluable tool that allows them to earn a lot of money by investing in cryptocurrencies, without the help of central and commercial banks that defend the interests of monopolies.

For example, in the case of Bitcoin, all decisions are made by an extensive community online, in real time and without intermediaries. This significantly reduces the cost of transactions and guarantees anonymity.

And where is it better to store your cryptocurrencies? For today, this question is very interesting. And the solution is the same! I present the project to your attention:

PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform that perfectly integrates the power of Automatic Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AML-AI), Blockchain Technology (Ethereum) and the economy of traditional savings and cryptocurrency markets.

Peculium is a transparent savings platform, based on automatic machine learning, thus avoiding the risks that are found today in the world of investments.

The investor now has an inalienable right to transparency, to the management in real time of his portfolio, while guaranteeing a tremendous future: to gain freedom and prepare his future, his capital and a better life.
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