Re: Russian Mobile Telecom Giant plans to join the crypto-wave

Aside from telecom services, a phone provider in Taiwan is already in the process of producing a blockchain based phone.

Foxconn Technology Group, one of the largest Taiwan based manufacturer of electronics such as Playstations, iPhones, and Kindle, is looking to jump into the Cellular Blockchain market. A sub-division of Foxconn is partnering up with a Switzerland based electronic manufacturer called SIRIN LABS to develop a secure blockchain phone labeled “Finney”.

SIRIN LABS was founded in 2014 and released their first phone in 2016; called the SOLARIN. The SOLARIN as stated by SIRIN LABS “incorporates state-of-the-art hardware and security technology, 24/7 cyber protection, and includes a private zone for encrypted calling and messaging”. The SOLARIN is viewed as one of the world’s most secure phone currently in the market.

This was announced recently which means the phone could be out by the end of the year since they already have such a big manufacturing company and a solid foundation.

You can read more here: ... ain-phone/

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