[ANN][BOUNTY] GreenCoin (GRN) - Currency For Green Future


We propose the
🌏 GreenCoin (GRN)
to support green technologies.


Target spacing between blocks/confirmations: 1 min
Algorithm: SHA256
Type: PoW
Coin name: GreenCoin
Coin abbreviation: GRN
Address start letter: G
RPC port: 33100
P2P port: 33099
Block reward: 250 coins
Block halving: 100000 blocks
Coin supply: 100 000 000 coins
Pre-mined: 50 000 000 coins

Web: http://greencoin.life

Source code:
GitHub: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoin

Windows wallet/node: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoi ... indows.zip
Linux walet/node: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoi ... nux.tar.gz
Linux daemon node: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoi ... nux.tar.gz
RaspBerry Pi wallet: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoi ... rry.tar.gz

Windows wallet/node: http://grn.cryptor.club/greencoin-qt-windows.zip
Linux walet/node: http://grn.cryptor.club/greencoin-qt-linux.tar.gz
Linux daemon node: http://grn.cryptor.club/greencoin-daemon-linux.tar.gz

Main node url: grn.cryptor.club
GRN available for trading on such Exchanges[/color]:
#1 --> https://greencoin.online
We offer 5$ for each registered member more details --> here
#2 --> https://minersheaven.eu/market/DOGE-GRN
#3 --> https://trade.multicoins.org/market/MC-GRN

We are happy to inform, that we reach first halving.

Also its important to let you know, what Green Technologies means. And here our plans to build:

International Seeds Bank
International BlockChain Seeds Exchange
Green Technologies Bank:
- Medical Phytodential technologies
- Green (Alternative) Energy (Electricity, EcoFuel, Sun, Wind, Wave)
- Green Transport Institute
- Bank of Intellectual Property (with latest technologies)
Global Climate Change Research Center
WIG (Wing in Ground) Port with Rescue Center

--> Watch about WIG craft
Earth Resource Management Center
Effective Waste Processing Plants

We cooperate with scientists and their inventions are make us believe, that this plans can be true...
We invite all bitcointalk community to support such green technologies and GreenCoin as a source to finance this direction.
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