Big event in Warsaw

I found interesting information about the conference in the topic of altocins. It is organized by the FTO Team, one of the most dynamically developing altcoins. FTO has done a lot lately, for example sponsoring in Formula 1, presence on the next stock exchanges (already ten!), FuturoPay application announced ... The more it is worth visiting the convention center. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a trip to Warsaw...
I think it will be a great event! I see that the FTO Team is preparing very passionately. That's good, only then is it possible to achieve full success at such a big event. I envy the participants!
The event takes place on February 28. Let me know if anyone is going. More information here:
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Re: Big event in Warsaw

Hey there, so it's been a while since the conference held it's place in Warsaw. Like i've said in some previous thread, I've really wanted to share with you some photos i took, but unfortunately for some legal reasons i can't post them here. And if you are interested in seeing how it was, my friend made a short, official aftermovie of the conference. You can check this out on youtube here.
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