Exciting privacy coin news!

Nullex (Nlx) will explode in December. “Nullex (NLX) is a private, secure and scalable decentralized platform allowing users to create, register and relay economic data. Vision is to build several products, e.g the null protocol mainnet, an asset manager app, etc”. Nullex (NLX) will make a lot of people rich. It will be $1 in 2019 and can be touch $200. It’s also a good investment vehicle if you have an appetite for risk.

I think over the next few month it will grow to become one of the most important lovely gainercoin for investors. Obviously, this is a very interesting time to be in NLX center now. It’s so much potential with risk. You can analysis NLX price chart movement. I am just waiting for it to be a billion dollar industry. You can make fortunes by Nullex. Filling by bags with more NLX.

Join here : https://t.me/NullexOfficial
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