Get Enhanced Security and Ensure data trust using Datavlt

Currently, the most affordable ‘off-the-shelf’ data analytic tools mostly provide partial
perspectives on a business or have limited scope of function, so this potentially means that any
business which may want a more holistic overview of their progress will need to procure a bevy
of different tools and spend a large amount of time correlating results – ironically, businesses,
like SMEs, are almost always strapped for time and resource because of their constant focus
on the bottom-line.
Additionally, data security is also another real-world challenge today. It is not uncommon to
read about enterprises being held hostage against their own data and infrastructures on the
news. Therefore, DATAVLT recognises the potential advantages of utilising the Blockchain
technology. The integration of the platform with this technology will be able to help
entrepreneurs and business owners manage, grow and sustain their ambitions securely.

DATAVLT acknowledges the potential polymorphic capabilities of the Blockchain technology
and will be leveraging its decentralised framework mainly on data exchanges to ensure
auditable and accountable processing trails. The utility of this approach is scalable and can
support volumes from small to large businesses and organisations.
Essentially, the DATAVLT platform aims to drive cost efficiency by providing affordable data
analytics services. In turn, businesses and organizations, especially SMEs, do not need to be
incapacitated by heavy investments into backend technical infrastructures and data science
The DATAVLT data processes are driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This
symbiosis between big data, analytics and the users provide a secured and structured
approach to analysing to data.

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