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Anyone know about MoviToken? It's a community cryptocurrency for the independent film industry! Anyone used it before? More information as below if you like to refer or contact them here -

What is a MoviToken?

The Future of Indie Film
Producers can pay talent and crew with MoviTokens. Essentially financing movies on the Ethereum Blockchain. Cast/Crew can later exchange MoviTokens for Ethereum (ETH), then to USD, BTC, or other altcoin or token.

Community Currency
MoviToken is a community cryptocurrency making the days of "low/no pay" and "deferred" agreements a thing of the past. With MoviToken, everyone gets paid! Producers can then use cash for equipment, expendables, etc.

MoviToken Guarantee
MoviToken was created by indie movie producers to fill a gap in the indie film world - a financing gap. The MoviToken smart-contract, deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, is immutable. It cannot be "killed".
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