Re: the end or not?

I'm sure cryptoworld will survive even the worst. Many currencies have amazing community. Every time things are going down i see comments that are full of doubts, but as i said - all of it won't fall that easily. More and more online platforms accept cryptocurrencies as a payment - i am really into solutions that can be used in real life, that's why i support for example Dash whole-heartedly. There is another future-minded cryptocurrency called FuturoCoin, which code is an extended version of Dash's code and thanks to that, they have access to new solutions and upgrades, created by Dash society - they are growing really fast and right now you can find them on BitForex for example. When you are doing something opposite what all wants you to do - like crypto - it's really important to have strong community with you, people who share believe in ideas which you believe in.
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