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About TRX

Today the majority of entertainment traffic and user data belongs to a handful of corporations: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google. The TRON project aims to give the control and the full ownership of data back to the creators.

The TRON is building a content subscription platform where artists of any kind will be able to charge users for their entertainment content. Decentralized, TRON is building a fair ecosystem where creators will not need to share their profits with corporations. Think of it as an iTunes or AppStore on blockchain.

CEO of TRON - Justin Sun - wants to “Heal the Internet” by building these core features:
  • Creators of content control its distribution
  • Peer-to-peer digital assets distribution
  • Built-in digital assets exchange platform

About Justin Sun — CEO of TRON

Justin Sun is a serial Chinese entrepreneur. He has founded Peiwo App - the Chinese Snapchat analog. Peiwo will be the first application running on TRON.
Justin has graduated the University of Pennsylvania and honored to get into Forbes China 30 under 30 (2015) and Forbes Asia 30 under 30 (2017).
Besides, Sun is former chief representative of Ripple China.

Being an attendee of Hupan University founded by Jack Ma, Sun is thought to be the next Jack Ma.

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Re: What is Tron? [TRX]

KingKing wrote:
January 30th, 2018, 5:25 am
Thanks for the read, Mister Kenzie. I've been noticing TRON for a long time but always have been lazy to do a research of the platform 😶
Your post is elegant and informative. Arigato~
Thanks for the kind words, KK :)

Amily wrote:
February 1st, 2018, 5:40 am
Thanks for the nice Tronx explanation, kenzie 💖
Any chances to see your reviews of Dash and ZCash?
Hey Amily! Oh yeah, I plan to cover all the popular altcoins including Dash, ZCash, Lisk, Doge, Monero and many many more =)
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