Re: Up or Down?

With BTC and crypto, you need to consider that a lot more external factors affect it than regular currency.

For most currencies, major changes within their own countries or partnered countries affect it. For BTC and crypto, every country can affect its price. If for example, one country decides to look into banning crypto, there could be other news which spreads saying that A B C country is also looking into banning which can affect the price. But with currencies like $, if country A says they are banning a currency, it would take a lot more facts for people to believe that B C D country is looking to ban the currency to and affect its price.

You have to think is that BTC and crypto are still in its infancy stage. With something of this scale, it would take a few years for it to fully find its norm in the market and stabilize its price. The spike of last year would be a "kick off" to it entering the market.

It is pretty hard how much the price will increase or decrease in the next years unless you can predict how well the market and the government will take on crypto. It is looking at a positive trend though.
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Re: Up or Down?

It is happened in everything that up or down. In bitcoin it is not important that it will remain same in every second. It may vary in every minutes that's why people do not want to invest the money like this business. Even one of my friend who is in university, He is also busy in assignment help service with assignment-clock owing to the fact that, He want to complete his study after that he will invest the money in cryptocurrency.
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