BAD NEWS FOR BITCOIN ? If the opinion of Robert Schiller is seriously taken into account by investors from around the world, it is simply because he was the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2013. But when it comes to talking about Bitcoin, man does not chew his words. He is not seized by the craze that surrounds crypto-currencies for several months now.
Mr Schiller believes that Bitcoin is a speculative bubble that will end up exploding, even if in itself this virtual currency should not disappear.

Alternatively, it could be bad news for Mr Schiller now that he has placed his Nobel-winning reputation on the line with his remarks. His opinions might not be taken seriously by investors for much longer if it turns out he was wrong. All these "experts" should be more careful what they say, given the number of times over the years people have tried to write off Bitcoin. But after all that's been said, Bitcoin doesn't care. It carries on churning out blocks, completely undistracted by whatever criticisms are thrown its way.
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It seems to be finish of BTC bubble. However, I thing that crypto market need rock stable coins independent from BTC. It's important because today investors has fear to put their money in something very unstable like that. Solution may be projects of alt coins like Nebula Network - - it's decentralized storage cloud with emission mechanism tied to the supply. Thanks to solid backing it's rock stable and independent from huge BTC rate of exchange turbulences. May it be a future of crypto market?
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