Could Governments & Banks manipulate the price like this?

Let's consider this :

Governments cannot stop Bitcoin by stopping the technology, but they can kill the interest that people have in buying bitcoins. Could governments with the help of Banks, be behind this falling price?

Last year we saw a huge increase in the price and I was thinking that it could have been a collective buying strategy by Banks to buy a lot of coins for a synchronized dump in 2018.

If the Banks bought a lot of coins last year at the beginning of the spike from $1000 and they triggered a buying frenzy, then most of the more expensive coins would have been bought by the public. So they might just have bought coins to trick other investors into buying more coins.

So what is their goal? Their goal will be to break the demand for Crypto currencies and Bitcoin, by gradually dumping the cheap coins that they bought at the start of last year and pushing the price down. <Like what is happening now>

They know investors will have bought at the higher end, say $10 000 to $19000 and these people would probably have lost money, when they started dumping in 2018. They saw that "demand" for Crypto currencies increased, when there is a constant increase in the price and they are now creating a constant decrease in the price to break people's confidence in the technology and also the demand for the coins.

They will obviously use untraceable methods to do this, because the Banks are helping to hide the origin of this money. They can only print a few Billions more to execute this strategy and this will go unnoticed, because it is toilet paper money.

This is the only logical reason why we are seeing a constant decrease in the price, in spite of all the good progress that we have made. It also explains the large spike in the price in 2017.

Hodl on guys and gals, do not be tricked by these cheap tactics. <If this is true>
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