Re: Earn Bitcoin: mining vs trading

With decreasing price of BTC and more number of miners joining the game, the difficulty level has increased and the mining effort is not worthy anymore. You can opt for mining only if electricity is really cheap in your area. Calculate the ROI on mining calculators before proceeding.
Considering today’s scenario, trading wins against mining. And that you have to hold the tokens for a long period until the market is bearish again.
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Re: Earn Bitcoin: mining vs trading

Mining would be a better choice in the long run compared to trading. This would also depend on your starting capital though, do you have a huge capital to invest in a huge mining farm or just enough to do a few trades?

If you have the capital, a mining farm would be a better choice.
Going down the mining path you would need the following though:
- CryptoMining Operation Knowledge (how to setup and run an effective farm)
- Location to host the operation
- Stable internet and electrical power

Trading is still profitable but you would have to watch the market like stocks. Many things can effect cryptocurrency. This is more time consuming then mining.

You can read a comparison blog here if youre interested

In most cases, i would just say to find a hosting company to host your machines. A lot of companies can help you solve all the hassle and pay you X amount mined from your miners. This is beneficial to you as you dont have to worry about anything as the company will handle the setup and management. You would net a lower profit but hey, your less stressed!
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Re: Earn Bitcoin: mining vs trading

Mining costs to buy a specialised ASIC machine and run it with the electric costs would be high, making profitability for most limited unless you have cheap electricity.

Historically buying and holding Bitcoin would be a good investment and is probably the simplest approach, but of course history is no guarantee of the future. The price could of course also go down
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