Kin a decentralized ecosystem of digital services for lifestyle

A new Era digital currency

The first step is to make a replacement cryptocurrency: Kin. associated with the word “kinship,” and conveying a sense of being connected to the community, the Kin identity and currency is meant specifically to bring people together during a new shared economy.

But simply creating a digital currency isn't enough. For a cryptocurrency to be viable, it must even be useful and valuable. to determine an economy around the new currency, Kik must help to determine Kin’s fundamental value.

Building an ecosystem

The Kin Ecosystem will seek to determine a worldwide network of digital services that constitutes a replacement cooperative operating model, focused on the future. during this model, developers and repair providers will enjoy the proper and opportunity to innovate and compete for compensation, while users will enjoy diverse digital experience, freedom of choice, and access to a broad range of economic services..

A majority of the Kin supply are going to be allocated to the operation of the Kin Rewards Engine. Periodically, the Rewards Engine will unlock and distribute a selected amount of Kin to be shared among digital service providers within the Kin Ecosystem. The reward that every partner receives are going to be proportional to a measure of the use of kin within that digital service. Such value are going to be assessed by a well-defined process that ensures the rewards are distributed fairly using an objective, performance-based methodology. Rewards are going to be transparent, auditable, and secure.

Building fundamental value

Today, Kik is one among the world’s most used chat apps and therefore the fifth most-searched term within the iOS App Store. The many people that use Kik monthly are during a unique position to demonstrate how cryptocurrency economies might form and performance within the context of an outsized mainstream user base

Over time, the Kin Foundation will oversee the transition of the Kin Ecosystem to a totally decentralized model which will operate with no assistance from Kik or the other entity. The decentralized Kin Ecosystem will emerge as a sustainable autonomous economy which will empower the prevailing suite of chat, social, and other digital services, while building a platform for the simplest user experiences.

Kin will sit at the middle of a replacement digital economy inside Kik, driving demand and fundamental value for the cryptocurrency.

Kin Price is at $0.00000595 with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,564.10. the worth has raised by (0.843 %) within the last 24 hours.has a current circulating supply of KIN 1,518,114,145,968. the entire maximum supply of Kin is KIN 10,000,000,000,000.Kin Coin are often traded on Fatbtc and BitForex cryptocurrency exchanges
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