Morgan Stanley’s Clients Will Soon Be Trading Bitcoin

Morgan Stanley is one of the largest US-based banks in the world, and that makes its interest in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, a point worth noting. It’s such large institutions that really make a huge difference when a product needs general market acceptance. It won’t be different for Bitcoin if this huge bank goes ahead with its latest plan to offer Bitcoin trading facilities to its clients. ... g-bitcoin/
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Re: Morgan Stanley’s Clients Will Soon Be Trading Bitcoin

Aside from Morgan Stanley, financial companies such as Fidelity Investment and Goldman Sachs are looking to bring BTC exchanges to wall street. Such big financial companies backing BTC is a huge jump for crypto. Financial companies usually want to take less risk for their clients to provide them with a long-term service. With such big companies backing BTC, you can tell that BTC has a decent enough future that these financial institutes believe in.
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