My husband wants half of my cryptos and wants me to sell half of all our holdings now.


So my Husband wants me to sell half of my cryptos like right now. We invested early last year. he claims its half hers b/c I live in California and its half hers as community property. he didn't put any money into it it was my hard earn money that I had to risk.
I'm a long term investor in the tech and starting to do comfortable small responsible trades. No all in Yolo stuff just learning as I go and using small amounts.
He's fed up with our on paper loses in crypto losing a tad over half of our total max holdings since the bull run. He can't handle the volatility in a bear trend. He handled it much better in a bull run.
What should I do? Sell half to keep her happy despite i'll be selling in a bear market getting around halfway or close to Bottoms?
Should I do my best to fight back and force her to invest long term?
I tried my best to tell her think long term but it's not getting through to her. He's just very upset about our on paper losses. We argue over this a lot almost daily and I don't know what to do.

Any suggestions?
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Re: My husband wants half of my cryptos and wants me to sell half of all our holdings now.

I don't see a good way out of your problems. The market is what it is at the moment and selling at this point is probably a bad decision, but you are aware of that.

My advice to you is to do some more research or maybe find some positive youtube videos from known persons (celebrities) your Husband could relate to easier than "computer geeks". I don't know your Husband obviously, but men like to be in control. Maybe try to find a way to include him in decision making process or at least make him feel that way.

Unfortunately, if you are really arguing with him for all that time he has probably already dug his claw in and you will not be able to change his mind. You have one more play to try here. Explain to him that if you sell you are actually selling his half of investment and make him sign some kind of document that he accepts that. Meaning if you became a millionaire with the other half he has no right to it.

Or just cave in and do whatever your Husband tells you,
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