Things you can buy with bitcoin.

Recently in UAE, Arabian Escapes is a real estate company where you can buy properties with BTC,
and also, Recently, KFC Canada has accepted Bitcoin payments for a short period of time. However, Bitcoin can only be used to place orders online, and only to purchase a new item called "Bitcoin Bucket" and all this special deal will be handled by Bitpay, a fairly common Bitcoin trading tool. Its really interesting news, I wish that I can also buy chicken by paying bitcoin in my country.
also, the Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands, went started accepting bitcoins in 2016, it went all-in, and offered one free Whopper for every Whopper purchased with the digital currency.
also, Rolex watches can be purchased online with BTC.
also, Fifteen minutes after the online mattress retailer GhostBed began accepting bitcoins, its CEO says it processed its first bitcoin sale. A good night's sleep is, of course, priceless
and many more things.
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