To all scammers

I reckon at some point in time (not to far away) crypto becomes accepted. Mayb even more then fiat. In times like these when crypto isnt even at the surface yet u can hide and blend in. Appearing successfull even, cause u "made it" in crypto.
But imagine how that will be once there will be mainstream adoption.

People will be more aware that there were a lot of scams back in the days. It will be locked in the back of their heads.
That means u will be "scanned" every day by everybody. And when people talk about it ull have to hide... u will never be free again anymore. U will be the cockroach u truly are.
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Re: To all scammers

I think we all have been scammed at one point or another. The longer you're here the higher your chances..

I don't think that these scammers will every be caught. With mixers, exchanges and altcoins they can easily hide their tracks.
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