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Vakaxa’s Blockchain solutions are based on the latest technology to provide safe, effective and secure solutions in variety of field such as cryptocurrency, finance, education, etc

One of the buzzwords most talked today is probably Blockchain. Blockchain technology has opened a new era in many fields from health, education, finance to cryptocurrency. The application of Blockchain in the economy will create great potential for expanding the scale of the economy as Blockchain has solved the limitations of centralized management, while maximizing value, transferring responsibility and removing ownership through the transparency of the smart transactions.

In addition, Blockchain technology will open a potential application trend for many areas such as banking, finance, retail, logistics, telecommunications, etc. The application of Blockchain to life will bring real benefits to the community.

The Blockchain application
  • POC development: Elaborate Proof of concept services to showcase the technical viability of a product and its market potential.
  • Private Blockchain Development: Build permission private Blockchain applications for any industry and save on infrastructure and operational costs.
  • Smart Contract Development: Design, development, audit, and optimization of self-executing coded business contracts to automate processes.
  • Blockchain Consulting: Strategic advice on successful employment of Blockchain technology to optimize the potential outcomes.
  • Hyperledger Development: Unlock the potential of open source Blockchains and tools for collaborative development with distributed ledgers.
  • Supply Chain Development: Improve transparency and traceability and reduce administrative costs with effective supply chain solutions.
  • Cryptocurrency Development: Elaborate ICO and Cryptocurrency development services to successfully launch your customized altcoin.
The strength of Blockchain solutions that Vakaxa provides

Always be safe and secure: Security has always been Vakaxa’s top concern. By building data on decentralized systems, Vakaxa has eliminated all the problems of centralized network systems. Our Blockchain solution is sustainable and can not be modified. Moreover, the data when stored in the blockchain network will not be modified by any individual or organization.

Always transparent: The users attend the blockchain network can also track all transactions and statistic its entire history.

Can not be forged: No one can destroy the chain in the blockchain. It just disappears when the global Internet disappears.

Fewer risk: In the business system, a lot of reasons causes errors to increase the cost of hiring intermediaries, which takes time to solve. However, when using the blockchain technology, the transactions are stored in the ledger and cannot be changed. This will reduce disputes, save costs and reduce risk.

Application in many fields: In addition to applications in finance, banking, Blockchain technology also open the future of many other areas such as education, healthcare, even votes.

Expand the ability to call capital for startup: With Vakaxa’s Blockchain solutions, startups can completely call for capital through ICO projects — release their own cryptocurrency for sale or donate (some startup using their own currency as a driving force to encourage the user) for those, who support the vision of the project without dividing the share as an investment fund.

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