To earn at arbitration of bitcoin and other coins between exchanges is easy thanks to bibitbot

Hello, dear forum participants. We are glad to present you our unique development, which helps users to earn 1-10 BTC per month. Bibitbot is a unique arbitration bot for trading between exchanges.

Perhaps you already know about arbitration. If not, we will explain. Arbitration between exchanges is possible because the rates of cryptocurrencies are very volatile. There are intervals when the rate of the same coin on different stock exchanges is different. Accordingly, if you catch such a moment and buy this coin on one exchange, and then sell more on the other, you will get a profit. This operation can be repeated many times at any time. There are many coins and exchanges, so this earnings scheme is infinite.
But if you are more carefully versed in the subject of arbitration, then you will have difficulties:
1. You need to constantly monitor a huge number of exchanges and coins. And look for the difference in rates
2. This difference, it is called a "hole", can last from 1 second to several hours and it is necessary not only to find it, but also to make transactions.
3. You need to calculate your profit, because each exchange has a commission to make transactions
Bibitbot solves all these problems. It sends you notifications of "holes" a second after its appearance,also calculates all commissions and sends you the ready interest rate that you will earn from this coin and on these exchanges.

How does it work?
Very simple. You put up a stock exchange and coins for tracking. Moreover, the bot monitors all existing stock exchanges and coins. And also if you need to connect those coins and exchanges that will be created in the future, you can contact the support and they will also be connected. Then you will receive notifications about "holes" in the personal messages of the Telegram messenger, you can go to the stock exchanges and conduct transactions.

What is different from others?
1. It is safe. Unlike other bots - bibitbot does not require the connection of your wallets and accounts on exchanges by API, bibitbot is a manual arbitration bot that sends messages to you in an instant messenger and it does not require any connections.
2. Bibitbot monitors all existing exchanges and coins

Welcome to our bot. We provide a trial version for all participants of this forum for one day. You can not pay anything to make sure its efficiency and functionality. Write in support on the site or any other channel.
Do not postpone it, for the last month the maximum income of one of our users was 12.3 BTC. You can give a try too!
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