- Your Personal Trading Advisor, screener and trading system!

#1 is a trading system and crypto advisor for cryptotraders with lots of analytical and statistic indicators and other nifty features. We use math to trade!


| Summary:

First, it helps to determine market trends: bull, flat or bear, also it provides important analytical indicators: volatility, fundamental rating and liquidity rating - that makes a personal mathematical trading analyst.

Second, the service generates trading signals for positions openings based on graphical analysis: bottom, top, double bottom, double top, and impulse signals, based on the rate of price change - all this can be useful when making a trading decision.

Third, the service gives a benefit in terms of time, convenience, comfort, peace and confidence, which in turn works for the overall efficiency and stability of trades and portfolio management in crypto space.

Alltogether with analytical indicators, makes a ready-made universal trading system!

| Major benefits and features:

Instant analytical indicators to help find entry and exit points (see guide to learn how to use them as a trading system)

Change %
Market cap
Spread %
Volatility %
24H trend
Prevailing trend
Take-profit + Stop-loss suggestions
Coins Rating
Coins Level
Signals top/bottom formations
Impulse signals
Statistic and trend barometers

| Complex sound and email alerts from online analytics math engine:

The price surged above the maximum price for 5 days
The price crashed under the minimum price for 5 days
BUY signal BOTTOM by technical analysis
SELL signal TOP by technical analysis
BUY signal DOUBLE BOTTOM by technical analysis
SELL signal DOUBLE TOP by technical analysis
Impulse signal BUY
Impulse signal SELL
Sidewalk - volatility decrease. Probably consolidation before trend. (Long, Short)
Rating changed
Level changed

| More features:

Trend and statistic barometers
Fast and easy market direction recognition
Visual presentation of different overtime statistics between min and max values (volatiility\spread\change)
All major coins supported
Onsite charts from tradingview
Help to make decisions with portfolio rebalances

Your online trading advisor, developed by professional traders for improving profitable intraday and algorithmic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.


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