FF News: Omar Abdulla 'to drop,' CAR SHOW "Musical,' next week...??

Omar Abdulla ‘to drop,” CAR SHOW

“Musical,’ next week…??

by Fatima Mia

(23 September 2020) South African’s have always been

‘dazzed and amazed,’ by the

awesome and brilliant advertising of The Omar Abdulla Group,

and the latest being

a ‘secret,’ powerhouse company, the brand is under-taking.

“Next week will see some of the finest cars that Gauteng has to

offer on show with

The Omar Abdulla Group.’ added Laudium resident, Ms. Sajida Khan.

Khan says that The Omar Abdulla Group has advertised hundreds

of companies including

Ajmer Butcheries, Maroons, D’lish Take Aways, Laudium Sun,

Faizaan’s Butcheries,

Pick ‘n Pay, Foodline, Iqra Agencies and other outlets

speciating in retail

shopping in South Africa.

“The latest advertiser could reach up to 100 000 views on

all social media,’


an Eldoglen resident, Ms. Nadira Kalla.

With residents queuing to feature with The Omar Abdulla Group,

the company said on t

website that they have one of the ‘most following,’

on Instagram SA and Tiktok SA.

“These companies are owned by The Omar Abdulla Group,


an estimated following of close to two million.’

“The Special car show advert is a company from Pretoria, Laudium

that could bust the media,

and we cannot wait to see the skills and style of the ‘hunky; sexy,’

Omar Abdulla,’ shied

a Lenasia resident.

“I have always been a super car fan of Ferrari’s, BMW’s, Aston Martins and

other classic vehicles and I cannot wait for this much talked about

commercial that is

going to rock our local communities.’ ended a Johannesburg resident.

Concluding his remarks to The Sunday Times, Mr. Abdulla

says that the ‘car show,’

commercial will

probably break social media, and residents should stay alert for the

commercial in coming days.
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