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I personally try to stay away from any markets which hold my funds, such as centralised exchanges. The hacks which have happened time and time again prove that leaving coins on a exchange is not a good idea.

I've recently found a new 'anti-exchange' which is the Bancor Protocol. It doesn't have a buy/sell list, it uses a complex algorothm and creates as instant liquidity pool which allows you to swap over 100+ ERC20 tokens with each other. I like it because i dont have to trade for a base pair like ETH or BTC if i wanted to swap for example DRGN for KIN tokens.

Currently the only issue is the high-gas cost since it uses smart contracts, but this is a Ethereum problem and once ethereum upgrades, bancor will be amazing. Check it out if you have time
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Re: How many markets You use?

I've been dealing with cryptocurrencies for more than two years now. I've tried a dozen different exchanges and none of them fulfilled all the expectations.

I with my team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have recently carried out a survey to gather the trader's opinion on the current cryptocurrency exchange platforms. And the biggest concern revealed from survey results was "SECURITY".

I and my team, together known as "Encrybit" are about to launch an improvised and secure trading platform so that the traders do not have to use multiple markets.

Keep an eye on:
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