Is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?

According to what I know, the BitMEX service consists of several leveraged products. Future contract transaction and swap transaction. These are derivatives. Bitmex also has insurance money. This is similar to trader and BitMEX insurance. This investment method is extremely dangerous and we strongly recommend you to know what to do before leveraging futures trading using leverage. So, this site is truly easy to use the site, it is legal.

Future contract Swap transaction Forecast market API Insurance fund Leveraged transactions involve high risk. They strongly recommend you to know what you are doing before starting futures trading on leveraged transactions.

The price is very competitive with BitMEX. In fact, most users feel that they are almost negligible compared to profitable profits if they are easy-to-understand operators. The deposit fee is set to 0.0750%, the manufacturer's fee may be -0.0250%. As a result, markers are actually rebated a bit.

I know that BitMEX can utilize the position on the platform for traders. Leverage is the ability to place orders that are larger than the user's existing balance. This gives you a higher profit compared to orders with only Wallet Balance. Because transactions under such circumstances are called "margin transactions", I am pleased to be a member of bitmex.

If you are interested in bitmex, my introduction link will also give you 10% of the fee!
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