Tropitoken - The Urban Blockchain Society of the Future

#1 Project aims to build real world usecases for the Blockchain, to name it we will build decentralized Cities where Payments, Anergy- and Wastemanagement will be done through the Blockchain. We are an honest community Project and all major decisions will be truly voted from the Community. For that we will develop an Web Application for easy Votings. To keep this fair, we will restrict the holdings to a maximum of 5% from circulating Supply per Tokenholder.

The TPN Project is a Decentralized Autonomous Community project, short DAC, with the mission to use the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for building up its own digital and real life eco system for managing assets, resources and information more efficiently.

We will connect the most innovative and sustainable urban housing concepts with renewable energy generators in a fully self sufficient resource management system. Our vision of an urban blockchain society project which is collectively owned by the tokenholders and secured through the Ethereum network.

The community will do all major decisions in transparent votes on the blockchain. Votes will be locked for 2 years. Therefore every token holder receives the right to issue proposals.

Join us to discover the opportunities in this new era of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and decentral communities.

Together, we will create the urban blockchain society project of the future.

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