2018 - building faucets is a bad idea?

Dear community,
we’ve just launched a new bitcoin faucet. It’s http://btcdrip.net/
We’re pretty new to this game 🤭 so we’d be really happy to get your feedback, comments and suggestions. I have read too many articles about how difficult it is to make them profitable. Now, that was in 2016 and 2017. Do you think 2018 is a "better" year because demand increased as well?

Here's some stats:
For the start, we’ve lowered the payout threshold to just 10k satoshis.
Payout 100 satoshis every 120 min.

Some questions that you could help us with:
- How do we get more traffic?
- How can we make sure that we have loyal, unique users?
- To sustain the faucet, we hope not to run into too much loss. How can we increase ad-revenue to subsidize our faucet?

Thank you sooo much for your help!!!! 🙌
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Passionate about btc, trying to make a faucet work :D

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