Mutual Uniting System (MUSystem)

Mutual Uniting System (MUSystem) - is a system of voluntary donations.

The main principle of MUSystem activity is that the principle of mutual trust between participants should be higher than the principle of mutual obligations between them.

The main task of MUSystem is the redistribution of the society's free funds in favor of, in the first place, the least socially protected members.

The idea of mutual assistance and justice is an integral part of the MUSystem.

METHODOLOGY of participation

The basis of MUSystem are voluntary donations. They are accepted and issued through special conditional units - "tokens" named "MUS".

Course (price) of tokens is growing by a special technique, which designed increases with the passage of time the size of a possible return donations for the participants, subject to a maximum system stability.

With each following course, 50 new tokens called the "package" are realized.

Before closing a package, a participant can apply at any time to receive the full amount of his donation if he contributed it during this package.

All settlements are conducted through a smartcontract in the Ethereum blockchain. For each donation of the participant, a registration record is created in the database through which the participant conducts all operations for accepting / issuing donations.

The participant can apply at any time for the selling of tokens at the price of buyout the last realized package.

Participants who made a donation amounting to at least 0.1 ether:
In the 1st day of the current package is entitled to receive the amount of possible backward donation to 0.75% more than usual.
In the 2nd day of the current package - 0.5% more than usual.
In the 3rd day of the current package - 0.25% more than usual.

When applying for a donation, if the remaining number of available tokens of the current package is less than 10%, participants are entitled to a possible backward donation of 1% more than usual.

For continuous long-time participation in MUSystem, starting from the second week of participation (starting from the 4th participation package), bonus incentives for the continuous participation of 1% of the contributed amount for each subsequent "own" package are accrued for the participant.

A participant who sells tokens not in his package, entitled to apply for a backward donation of 70% of his initial donation amount, regardless of the time of participation.

If the participant making a donation in the current package has already received a backward donation in the same package, the amount of the new donation is reduced by 5% of the amount of the received donation; a kind of "penalty" is imposed in the amount of 5% of the amount received earlier by the participant in the same package.

The total initial donation of a participant in the same package can not exceed 250 ether.

The participant himself pays a commission for making a donation. MUSystem pays a commission for sending a donation to the participant.

Ideology and methodology of MUSystem are fully placed on the page

You can use any software or hardware Ethereum wallet to interact with the MUSystem smartcontract, all functions are unified in accordance with the standard ERC20, adopted in the Ethereum network.
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