That’s what tiggers like best! Have you heard about the game organized by the CoinDeal platform?

"Premier League is just ahead of us, and we have a little game for you! Have you ever played in #fantasy football?

We've got a lot of rewards - so stakes are high! It doesn't matter if you are a pro or just a beginner - everyone can win. Test yourself as a manager of an English Premier League club and win 100$ every week!

At the end three best players will share a main reward - 5000USD (in #BTC) - 3500$ for the first place, 1000$ for the second and 500$ for the third.

Join now! Click the link and type in the CoinDeal League code [40920-598881] "

Are there football fans on the forum? Someone will try this with me?
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If there is anyone interested in football, check the action below:

#Contest! #WinWolvesTickets

We've got 2 double tickets for the next Wolverhampton Wanderers FC match against Manchester City! Right there in the VIP Hospitality section!

Get on our Twitter account for more details.

Answer 3 questions below our tweets and get a chance in winning two double tickets for saturday's match.
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I know it's a pretty old topic, but when i saw it i couldn't handle myself to write something here :p
I love premier league, and i've been playing fantasy since 13/14 season, so i wish i've seen this post before, i would definitely join their league ;D. Speaking of coindeal, i really think they did very decent job signing this sponsorship deal, cause wolverhampton is doing soo good this season. Couple years before, there were changes in ownership of the club - wolves were bought by huge company Fosun International, and since then, they are redefining the meaning of "football project". They are finishing this season (next sunday) on the 7th place, playing one of the most entertaining football in whole europe.
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