This is a wonderful game to bet on E - sports events.

E-Sports and Betting Platform.
I feel that this game offers a chance for live betting. The most innovative community was centered around E-Sports and Betting Platform for live betting. The community can vote on which E-Sports games to implement on the platform.
I feel this is a wonderful game to bet on E - sports events.In addition, the team of G-Game is working on the conception and implementation of a web platform which will connect both worlds and subsequently allows betting on E-Sport events.

Under the Simgun brand, military technology is also available to private and commercial customers.

SIMGAME Laser technology at military standard Airsoft and special shoot Sports or skeet laser shooting Drone laser fight Safe - Cost-saving - Environmentally friendly.
G – Game Club -Online Community A club to connect the worldwide G-Game community for all shooting and real wargaming enthusiasts.
Shooting Simulation Systems -Interactive, realistic shooting simulation with unlimited number of scenarios - Train like the pros (military, special forces, police, etc.).
if you like to play real game you can simply visit at
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