Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

The use of blockchain technologies is one of the most important conditions for ongoing successful development of the platform. It means:

- Server decentralization keeps all the data safe even in cases if one of the servers fails.

- Easy and convenient conversion into any currency and in any country of the world.

- Resistance to unauthorized access or infiltration by computer hackers . Since the system is decentralized, none hacker is able to cause any damage to the system even if a server gets hacked. An independent digital system.

- Legal security: even if the initiating legal entity disappears the system will continue its existence, and users will not lose their funds.

- The funds on a decentralized system cannot be arrested.

- No server synchronization difficulties
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Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

The benefits of our MLM system of recommendations

All services from the top-10 list use a single level recommendation system. Unlike others, our affiliate system allows for broader and more lucrative possibilities for purchases. You can earn from recommendations continuously when cashback is being distributed on 9 levels (example: you invite a friend, they invite several of their friends, who also invite their friends).

You are rewarded for every purchase made by those who have received the recommendation. This is a key feature that distinguishes AU from leading recommendation systems of the biggest cashback platforms and retailers of goods and services.
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Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Only 3 days are left - 15% bonus on purchase of AUNIT tokens.

It will be a 30% bonus for VIP Partners!

Promocode: AUNITE.

All those who take part in the ICO race will be able to claim valuable prizes. Each $100 on your account give you ID. Each ID is a participant of the contest. So, one person can have as many IDs as he wishes. BTW, you can receive ID for your recommendation!

Each $100 paid by the member introduced by you shall give you bonus ID numbers. Take your referral link in the personal account.

When the number of contestants gets 15 000, the prize fund will add Toyota Corolla; with 100 000 contestants, we'll draw flat in Moscow!

Seize it before July 22, Sunday. The campaign takes only 3 days and gives you the last good chance to take part in the Aunite Group' ICO!
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