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Who are we and why are we here?

Cryptocurrency market is overcrowded with inadequate offers. Cryptocurrency projects with doubtful goals and tasks appear every day. They promise rapid growth of the coin - groundless growth, as nothing constitutes the basis of the project, except for the financial fantasies and dreams of the developers. It heats the market, attracts more and more people to the sphere. However the amount of dissatisfied investors, who have selected a shady project, growth implacably.
Cryptocurrencies has turned into a speculative tool from innovative technology. The indicator of the possible profitability is high, but at the same time, the risks are very high, as well. It is difficult to earn in conditions of incredible dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, and this task becomes practically impossible for inexperienced traders and investors.
Difficulties are experienced not only by private investors and traders. The operating companies are trying to introduce into their service acceptance of the cryptocurrency payment. In fact, they face the weak technical architecture of most cryptocurrencies, which makes them unfit for use.
Realizing these problems, we formed a strong business community designed to create a truly peoples cryptocurrency - FOLK COIN!
Experienced businessmen, programmers, marketers, traders, investors and journalists participate in the development of the project. Each of the team members has its own profitable project. Our common goal is to develop a unique peoples cryptocurrency with a strong technical basis and to release it to the open market so that everyone can get a real profit.

  • A large expert community - We have united the best experts, which guarantees the rapid development of FOLK COIN. The extensive infrastructure of projects of each community member and effective marketing tools will ensure the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency since the first days of launch
  • Secure wallets with an intuitive interface - User-friendliness and reliability of web wallets are one of the priorities for us. Your coins will be reliably protected, and a thoughtful functionality will ensure the simplicity and convenience of working with the account. You will be able to install the wallet on both your PC and any smartphone
  • A payment tool with simple integration – You can easily deposit FOLK COIN as a payment system on your web resource due to the ready-made API
  • Прозрачность – Вы узнаете обо всех важных новостях проекта в новостных каналах FOLK COIN: Telegram, Facebook и Twitter
  • Security – We pay special attention to protecting FOLK COIN from hacker attacks and fraudulent actions, which will ensure the safety of your money

Use for companies and ordinary people

The philosophy of FOLK COIN is extremely simple: cryptocurrency is obliged to bring benefits not to its creators, but to end users – ordinary people, companies, and services.

FOLK COIN for people
  • Constant profit from exchange rate growth
    The development team, together with the FOLK COIN community, uses effective methods of popularizing and increasing the value of the cryptocurrency, which guarantees profit to each coin holder
  • Unique speculative tool
    Positive dynamics of the FOLK COIN exchange rate will allow experienced and novice traders to conduct profitable trade of the cryptocurrency on the exchanges
  • Anonymous cryptocurrency for settlements
    Decentralized network ensures complete confidentiality of transactions and guarantees the work with the crypto currency without the intervention of state bodies and third parties
FOLK COIN for companies and online services
  • Introduction of an independent peoples coin without central management
    Add payment for goods and services with cryptocurrency to your service
  • Simple and clear technological decisions
    Implement FOLK COIN into the payment acceptance system on your site by simply connecting the API and web wallets
  • Reliable cryptocurrency with stable growth dynamics
    Accept payment for goods and services in FOLK COIN, and rest assured of your profit. The currency will grow in price due to its active promotion by all members of the community
The strong technical architecture of FOLK COIN provides fast transactions, as well. Reliable encryption and modern software guarantee a high level of cryptocurrency protection from hacking and fraudulent activities.



We create a peoples coin – FOLK COIN. Everyone can buy a token during the ICO period.
ICO start is scheduled for 19.02.2018
In total, 15 million FOLK COIN will be released

Coin distribution
The price of tokens will grow depending on the stage of ICO. The total number of stages is 10.
The duration of ICO – 77 days maximum.

IMPORTANT! Each of the sale stages is limited in time – a maximum of 7 days. In case all tokens allocated for the current stage are sold before the 7-day period, the stage is considered complete. The next round starts the day after the end of the previous round at 00:00 (London time). Thus, the timing of ICO can be reduced, depending on the speed of buy-off of tokens at each stage.

In case the tokens allocated for a certain stage have not been bought-off in full within 7 days, the remaining tokens pass to an additional round. The additional stage of the FOLK COIN sale is scheduled for the last week of the ICO. Tokens not sold during the ICO period will be destroyed. This will ensure a shortage of coins when entering the exchange, which will positively affect the demand and lead to an increase in the price of FOLK COIN.

In the end, the holder of FOLK COIN receives a strong speculative tool, which will bring him/her a tangible profit.

Sale stages
IMPORTANT! The price of FOLK COIN tokens will increase depending on the stage of ICO. Do not lose your profit – become one of the first investors of the Peoples Coin!


The development team set a clear goal – to create and implement in mass use a cryptocurrency, which will not only be a convenient means of payment, but also a powerful tool for earning money.
When investing in FOLK COIN, you are interested in its promotion and growth, as this increases your profit. But we decided to introduce an additional incentive: you receive a generous partner reward for each attracted investor. We pay special attention to this direction, which makes FOLK COIN a truly peoples cryptocurrency.
The partnership program with payment of up to 60% of the investments of your referrals is a reality! And you create this reality for yourself, your friends and relatives.


FOLK COIN community guarantees the growth of the tokens value from the first days of entering the exchange. Value of the peoples cryptocurrency will increase due to objective and subjective factors – they will ensure positive dynamics of the coin on the open market:
  • Advance requests for the implementation of FOLK COIN into online services. We have already received dozens of requests from companies and web-services, wishing to introduce the Peoples Coin for the payment for goods and services on their sites. This confirms the reliability and convenience of FOLK COIN, as well as the ease of integration of the coin software interface. The introduction of cryptocurrency into various services will positively affect its value
  • 60% partnership program. We pay maximum attention to expanding the partnership network, as this factor largely determines how successful cryptocurrency will be. Each owner of tokens will be the best advertisement for it
  • Active advertising of FOLK COIN in specialized web resources, on popular platforms, the largest exchanges, as well as among active businessmen, successful investors and traders. These actions will become the main force promoting the Peoples Coin during preparation and during the ICO, as well as after the release of the tokens to the exchanges
  • Listing. Enter to the stock exchange will provide a token with dynamics from the first days
  • Professional traders and analysts of the FOLK COIN team will apply their skills and effective tools for the token pump after they enter the exchange. While they will work, you will only have to observe the growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate
  • Absence state regulation. Information about the account status, profit and all transactions will be available only to you
  • High volatility and stable positive dynamics of the FOLK COIN exchange rate. This factor opens up a unique opportunity to successfully speculate the currency on the market for you
FOLK COIN – cryptocurrency wealth available for everybody

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