MarketC is a modern ecosystem developed on a blockchain basis. MarketC's development team is aiming to build a new financial-trading system by applying Blockchain technology to address the existing problems of traditional trading methods.
MarketC provides solutions that help users take control of their personal finances and experience superior functionality.
Parallel to providing financial transaction solutions, we provide an open source to developers. With each contribution to the network, developers will be rewarded with a CMK reward (MarketC payment currency).
In the beginning, C-Bank and C-Game will be the two core applications of blockchain MarketC.
Advantages of blockchain MarketC
All transactions must be approved by the majority in the blockchain system and anyone can track Blockchain data from one address to another and can record the entire history on that address.
A decentralized network eliminates the greatest possible negative impact on your assets. Your transaction data in Blockchain can not be edited, can not be faked, can not be destroyed and will be archived forever. The Blockchain chain and Blockchain technology disappear only when there is no Internet around the globe.
In MarketC's blockchain network, transactions from A to B will be direct, subject B will receive 100% of the value that A sends, there will not be any money for the intermediary.
The information, data in Blockchain is dispersed and absolutely safe.
No one can trace the source and identity of the account holder without their consent.
Trade anywhere in the world. Wherever there is Internet access, you can use MarketC services.
MarketC will issue its own virtual currency, CMK, through an ICO in Singapore, and sell it only to reputable investors at 20:00 (GMT) on July 3,
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