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Chimera wants to advance humanity by solving the challenges we face as seeds. Currently, it is an economic model biased towards wealthy people. Funding from the beginning Coin Offering (ICO) is used to realize this vision by integrating the following two technologies. Intelligence (AGI) and block chain smart contract.

According to my knowledge Artificial Integrated Intelligence is a machine idea that thinks at or above human cognitive level. AGI I have escaped scientists for more than 60 years and are mainly presented as narrow machine learning.

The computer is programmed to solve specific problems. A handful of government and business are A realistic approach to investing research funding to pursue AGI,

By combining powerful artificial intelligence with Blockchain, Kimera enables advanced peer-to-peer connections in all industries. While other ICOs use block chains to confuse a single industry, Kimera's technology diversifies the global digital network and changes human lives.

Chimera has developed artificial total intelligence (AGI) for the first time in the world. Unlike traditional AI, limited to a single field or set of tasks, AGI can do virtually everything in any industry. Kimera's vision is to advance humanity using this technology.
Kimera intends to establish the “gold-standard” for ICOs. There currently is a lack of regulatory oversight regarding ICOs. As a result, Kimera is working closely with our team of legal, accounting and investment banking experts to interpret and remain in compliance with the existing laws.

Current interpretation states that, while we are building an exciting utility for the tokens, these tokens are considered securities.for more info visit at
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