The rapid development of technology is affecting every aspect of our lives. This development has spread to all fields of finance, e-commerce, education, and art by the influence of globalization and above all bringing about the invention of the blockchain technology.

The benefits of blockchain technology have not gone unnoticed, resulting in many blockchain implementations existing today. Most of these use and operate on computer networks that are easy to join and participate in. These permission less implementations are often known as public blockchain protocols (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum).

However, the use of an existing blockchain comes with many problems for investors, enterprises as well as end users. It is known that volatility issue is the major factor limiting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies mainly due to the lack of control over its features and development. Desired functionalities including throughput performance and the ability for systems to scale. Thus the technology behind cryptocurrency is still considered to be in the early stages of development, and platforms are dealing with infrastructural challenges.
The technology is having trouble to maintain the price stability as well as effectively supporting a large number of users on the network. Price volatility has plagued Bitcoin from nearly the beginning. With what we have learned over the better part of a decade, why have cryptocurrencies still not solved this problem of fluctuating prices?
While this fact has led to in-depth research about how to help bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as blockchains as a whole to overcome volatility and scalability issues, the conversations around the proposals are highly varied and are likely to take a significant amount of time.

However, the BITCOIN AIR PLATFORM has been created to provide a swift turnaround solution to the table so as to make cryptocurrencies a super hybrid currency free from the problems inhibiting it usability.
THE BITCOIN AIR PLATFORM is intended to be designed for optimal scale-up and scale-out of cryptocurrency networks, to suit the demand of a wide range of products and services running on a blockchain. it will also be capable of engaging and utilizing a parallel throughput networking fabric, as well as supporting a multi-thread architecture for multi-core and ultra-fast cached memory environments.

The platform values the interest of the general crypto community thereby bringing straightforwardness, security, integrity, and capacity to the general population. The platform is developed with the believe that the power of making decisions should belong to the community. The main thing that BITCOIN AIR as a platform will guarantee is the security and prosperity of the community. Thus, this conveys the platform to its core value of integrity. Guaranteeing that it is transparent to the cause for which the platform is been created. Bitcoin Air additionally flourishes with the possibility that the world can seek after a clean means of growth for development without decimating the lives of others and the ground under our feet. We at Bitcoin Air endeavor to deliver a genuinely positive power in Crypto Space that can change things for the benefit of our future generations.
Bitcoin Air will not be conducting an ICO to raise funds for projects development. The project is backed and well-funded already by developers and Crypto Enthusiasts, Marketers and Business Elite who want to clean up the crypto sphere with something durable, fast and yes, you got it CLEAN! There will be a hardfork of Bitcoin and Peercoin which will initiate the airdrop to holders, so the coins go directly to the crypto community who want to participate and who hold these two coins.

By enabling the Community to have a bigger say in the growth of Bitcoin Air, this project will truly bring about the meaning of DEMOCRATIZATION of Money and a real DECENTRALISED force to be reckoned with among blockchains. Whereas Bitcoin is primarily a store of value for many people, Bitcoin Air will bring about more practical uses that will enable the interaction of merchants and consumers to grow within a healthy and stable fiscal environment.



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