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Crown Platform -
The Crown Platform hosts a thriving community of developers, merchants and enterprising individuals. Together, we are creating an open-access, decentralized economy that uses blockchain technology to support new applications. By joining us, you can create and contribute to incredible projects and ideas, fostering technological and social innovation.

Innovation Takes Form
What is Crown?
Crown is both a leading digital token (known as CRW) and a self-sustainable blockchain platform for building and running new economy applications. Our community uses the Crown Platform as a payment service, proof of data integrity and a support structure for projects ranging from cloud businesses to apps. As more users lend their talents and passion to the platform, Crown’s potential to promote innovation grows exponentially.

A Digital Token
CRW tokens are a type of cryptocurrency. Like bitcoins, CRW can be used to pay for a wide variety of products and services. CRW are the means of exchange within the Crown Platform ecosystem. Businesses operating on the platform accept CRW for their goods and services. CRW can also be traded against other altcoins through online exchanges.
Blockchain Application Platform
The Crown Platform utilizes secure servers (incentivized nodes) to provide scalability and fault-tolerance for new economy applications. Members of the Crown Community can set up their own incentivized nodes to earn CRW while helping to maintain the network.

A Dream Made Manifest
Crown Vision
Crown’s overarching goal is to build a community of dedicated users who maintain a free, open-access and decentralized sandbox economy. Using the Crown Platform as its base of operations, this self-governing community will dictate which user ideas and initiatives to fund through a democratic voting system. Every person with a stake in the network will have an equal say in how it’s operated and developed. The Crown Platform itself will enable community members to legally and transparently trade goods, host applications, store value and manage contractual relationships through the power of shared computation.

The new wallet gives Crown 1 click masternode and systemnode creation. Crown now has the easiest masternode creation system in all of crypto. The wallet also now allows for automatic wallet updates within the wallet for future releases. There are more features in the release notes as well. Make sure to check that out too!

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