Globally, internet technology has been improving rapidly. This has brought with it a lot of opportunities in all spheres of life. Economically, socially, and culturally, the internet continues to greatly impact on nations, communities, institutions, and the individual. Today we continue to embrace new ideas like e-governance, e-learning, e-banking, and of course, e-commerce, among others. Lots of opportunities are being created, particularly in the aspect of industrial innovation.

The development of the ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, and the likes, has tremendously enhanced the global trading activities. However, as this market is blooming, a lot of challenges have been unravelled. Some of which are fraudulent activities, security threat, centralization, and the likes.
All these calls for improvement in the market, and a lot of platforms have been created to solve the problems, but they are not adequate and effective enough. They have not really been able to unlock and implement many of the capabilities of the ecommerce.

The problems leads to the invention of a blockchain platform called Elysian.

Elysian is an Ethereum blockchain driven platform designed to bring revolution to the global ecommerce. It aims at bringing a sustainable growth into the market.

The platform offers solution to the issue of insecurity which is one of the paramount problems of the ecommerce trading system. It offers a higher level of security by the implementation of the smart contracts and blockchain technology into the trading system. These technologies allow the use of digital ledgers which have 100% immutability, this will allow customers information to be securely stored and 0% vulnerable to hacking, and to also stand against any form of manipulation. The decentralization of this platform also contributes to the security of the trading system by preventing data from being stored on a single central server which exposes it to cybercrime.

The platform also gives its users a seamless transaction experience by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) model. This model will communicate with users verbally, via vivid graphics, and other interesting and impressive means; giving them a feeling of interpersonal interaction.

The platform aim at the incorporation of the blockchian cryptocurrency into the global ecormmerce trading system. Since the inception of cryptocurrency, it has not been globally accepted as a means of transaction for goods and services. A lot of cryptocurrency holders who want to make use of the ecormmerce service usually experience the stress of converting their currency into fiat money. But this platform enables its users to make transactions with their cryptocurrency; this will help to increase the utilization of the cryptocurrencies rather than just using it to inflate bank accounts.
Elysian platform gives its users business scenarios with upgraded level of functionality. It also serves as intermediary between traders and their consumers, and also give opportunity to third party agencies to make use of the platform for business activities with their clients.

In addition, the platform also had a token system through which all transactions on the platform are paid for. The token system is an integral part of the platform. It operates based on transparency and decentralization. The tokens are awarded to the users as they contribute in various ways to the platform, and this will really motivate them to always contribute to the platform.

In a nutshell, Elysian has brought improvement to the efficiency and security of the ecommerce system, in order for traders to serve their customers better.


Token Details

Token Name: Elysian

Token Ticker: Ely

Platform: Ethereum

Accepts: ETH

Softcap: 3,000,000USD

Hardcarp: 19,000,000USD


Q2 2017: The Elysian concept is born

Q3 2017 - Q2 2018: The Elysian concept and prototypes are in development.

Q2 2018: The Elysian Private Event begins, followed shortly thereafter by the public TGE.

Q2 2018: Public token sale begins.

Q3 2018: Team expansion and launch of the official Desktop Wallet (Windows, Linux & Mac).

Q4 2018: Launch of the official Mobile Wallet (iOS & Android).

Q1 2019: Private blockchain implementation for data storage.

Q2 2019: Launch of the official Elysian Merch Program.

Q3 2019: Launch of the official Elysian Platform (mainnet).

Q4 2019: Atomic Swap integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform.

Q1 2020: Expand the range of altcoins accepted on the Elysian platform.

Q2 / Q3 2020: Opening of a Strategic Office in Europe and Asia.

Q4 2020: AI integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform.

Q3 2021: VR integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform.

2024: 1% of the global Ecommerce websites start using the Elysian platform



For detailed Information, visits:

Website: https://elycoin.io/

Whitepaper: https://elycoin.io/whitepaper/english

Lightpaper: https://elycoin.io/lightpaper/english

Telegram: https://t.me/elysian_ely

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElysianxELY/

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic ... sg34852238

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elysian_ELY

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elysian-ely/

Blog: https://medium.com/@Elysian_Ely


Telegram username: @etsu
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