ETHX : Making Blockchain Accessible to Masses

ETHX : Making Blockchain Accessible to Masses

Bringing to you a convenient way of buying cryptocurrencies via credit or debit cards and an Enterprise offering to let corporates really reap the rewards of blockchain technology.
Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
We're bringing to you a truely global cryptocurrency exchange that would enable you to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies using your credit card, debit card and wire transfers.
With quick and easy KYC system in place, and fast bank transfers, and a user-friendly platform, you would not be able to stop yourself from falling in love with ethx.
Global Exchange
Ethx is bringing to you a truly global exchange* which would allow you to convert your local currency to crypto and vice-versa.

Proven Trackrecord
Ethx has been successfully operating an exchange in India with volumes in tens of millions of dollars.

Ease of Use
Our users love our platform. It is easy on the eyes and simple enough for new traders. No more daunting exchange windows.
Complete Transparency
We're working on recording all transactions of ethx on a public ledger for complete transparency.
Local Presence
Along with multi-language support, we are working on setting up regional offices to ensure better support for our users.
Award Winning Enterprise Solutions
Ethx DataBlock is here to revolutionize the way blockchain is implemented in small-to-large enterprises. Our turnkey solutions would save corporates weeks of research and tens of thousands of dollars in blockchain implementation cost.
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