Is Pingvalue ICO use omni-channel technologies ?

Pingvalue aspires to be the world’s most successful platform in taking advantage of omni-channel technologies to help people create the relevant experiences they look for, while providing institutions/businesses with precious data for greater effectiveness on a glocal level.

The goal of Pingvalue ICO is to create innovative advertising models that increase effectiveness of campaigns and reduce costs, eliminating middlemen and ensuring measurability. The utility token Pingcoin (PCO) will be used within the Pingvalue platform in order to reward Pingspot business owners, Businesses and users regarding its interactions and advertisment promotions.

Thanks to Pingvalue and Pingspots (=Pingvalue Wifi hotspots), businesses and institutions can understand better who their customers are and what they are looking for, being able to interact with the right people at the right time and place.Pingvalue connects personal agendas of citizens to management dashboards of companies and public services. It enables relevant information, marketing campaigns, and commercial activities, online and in physical places.
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