Ormeus Qi, a New Frontier in Energy-Enhanced Products

Ormeus Global is proud to announce the launch of its new Ormeus Qi line of products. These products, available only through Ormeus Global Independent Business Owners, offer all-natural self-care products to use at home.

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a concept taken from Asian-based medicine. In Asian systems, qi or chi is the life force that circulates, animates, and energizes all living beings. Many people believe that healthy beings have balanced qi. When qi becomes unbalanced, disharmony results in discomfort or physical ailments.
The Ormeus Qi line of products are programmed with specific energetic frequencies. Programming methods include mobius coil, scalar waves, and more.
Ormeus Monoatomics is an all-natural spray to energize qi. Patented Nanobioelectronic Photoacoustic Therapeutics use light and energy to activate energetics. It is simple, convenient, portable, and easy to use.
Ormeus REM is a set of acupressure patches to enhance relaxation and promote restful sleep. The acupressure patches are easy to apply and do not contain any harmful chemicals.
Ormeus Sculptis a set of acupressure patches to support body fat loss. The set of patches is convenient to use and portable.
Ormeus Solaceoffers a set of acupressure patches to return the body to ease and comfort after sports, workouts, or other strenuous activity.
Ormeus Ei8ht features Cannabidiol (CBD) oil in a small, portable bottle.
All of the Ormeus Qi products were developed by a sports medicine expert and a United States medical doctor with an extensive background in integrative medicine.
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