The rapid development of technology is affecting every aspect of our lives. This development has spread to all fields of finance, e-commerce, education, and art by the influence of globalization and above all bringing about the invention of the blockchain technology. Blockchain has many valuable characteristics such as decentralized, immutable, irrevocable and transparent. These characteristics help Blockchain become a very reliable means of recording data which can replace traditional methods of recording data and bring radical changes to many industries.
Banking is only the beginning, there are more than 40 big industries that Blockchain could transform including: industrial IOT, cloud storage, cloud computing, digital copyrights, insurance, real estate, healthcare, supply chain management, and More than that, Blockchain provides a new way of managing trust and can make organisations more transparent, decentralised, efficient and secure. The possibilities of the Blockchain are enormous and it seems that almost any industry that deals with some sort of transaction, security and transparency which would mean any industry, can and will be disrupted by the Blockchain technology.

One of the platform adopting the enormous advantages of the blockchain technology is the VANTA NETWORK. The platform emerges to provide an all-in-one solution blockchain platform by combining the various potential of real-time networking with the blockchain technology in a distributed open operational system that is focused on growth and prosperity for business to business interconnectivity networks thereby making available a better and secure source of data and information flow.


VANTA NETWORK is a distributed real-time networking blockchain platform created by the combination of many technological advancements such as the blockchain technology, the internet of things and other advances propose by its predecessors to bring about the creation of decentralized mechanism that will curb the problems currently faced by the iot industry, online streaming, gaming, communication and the finance sector generally.

The product been designed by the VANTA platform will as serves as Changing roles that will bring about more adoption of these sectors by more participants, it will reshape the existing market structure and will create an entirely new business models with more lucrative opportunities.

VANTA was created to bring an improvement to the entire connectivity networks taking into account the various problems which currently affect the real-time flow of data. The platform will provide better innovative solutions that will bring about an end to humanity, organization and devices connectivity related problems such as the need for trust and authenticity of the data being exchange by these connected devices, the total overhead cost for acquiring and maintaining connectivity network, the slow rate which the devices interact and exchange data with each other, and the security related problem due to lack of adequate infrastructural design of the existing network.
The platform will leverage the various potentials of the blockchain technology to provide all the security measures needed for the connected devices to securely interact, exchange and acquire data from each other without any breach leading disposal of any sensitive data which aren’t meant to be share on the network. The proposed blockchain by the VANTA network will also prevent every possible cyber hack attack on vital connected devices such health monitor sensors.

VANTA NETWORK platform is created with the ability to be a Dapp blockchain technology ecosystem for enterprise startups as well as already existing ventures and blockchains underlying applications to easily deploy their Dapps on its secure infrastructure even without a backend setup. It is a new platform which is based on its own unique Blockchain technology.

VANTA network will be develop with all the needed infrastructural and technical performance needed to provides lightning fast ecosystem with the capacity to enables users to easily create free DAPPS and the ability to create their own cryptocurrency with little to no technical experience
The team behind vanta proposed its ecosystem with the vision of connecting the world with privacy and security. VANTA partnered with Oracle and Microsoft whose cloud marketplace will provide the VANTA API and SDK to attract existing enterprise customers.

The team will also provide support and incubate dApp projects that use the VANTA Network for real-time communication. By forming alliances with academic institutions and research labs, VANTA establishes a foundation of trust from non-blockchain industry sectors.


The vanta network set up a well token mechanism to ensure token price stability preventing volatility which currently plaguing the cryptocurrency space as well as provide appropriate incentives for users to participate in the network. There will be an annual 2 percent of VNT inflation. Newly issued tokens are used to compensate the nodes performing block production and verification.
The VANTA Network incorporates a staking model to ensure free usage of the network. VNT token staking is required to use the real-time networking APIs such as data transmission proportional to the amount of VNT tokens staked.










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