What is OryxCash?


Oryx Cash is a fundraising platform for startups. The platform revolutionizes the standard venture capital model by making it easier for investors to back projects, which in turn opens up a giant pool of potential capital for nascent companies.

OryxCash is the first ever completely asset derived security token that would serve as your long-term asset, through your investments into different startup and early-stage companies portfolios.

The goal of OryxCash is to increase cooperation between startups and investors and promote growth. OryxCash holders will receive OryxCoin dividends based on the valuation and success of the startup.

OryxCash will be used as a tool for tokenizing the funding process for startups and early-stage companies. An investor wanting to invest in a specific startup company would be allocated a specific number of OryxCash against his/her investment.

OryxCash will empower both the investors and the start-ups, as it acts as their close beneficial partner, which ensures that companies grow and the promoters can opt for raising additional funding for their ventures through the options of equity, quasi-equity, and debt.

OryxCash, originally, is a product developed with the aim of solving seven fringe problems discussed earlier in the article Why Invest in ORYXCASH?

In Short, Oryx acts as a solution to the problems faced by VC industry.

Be part of this revolutionary model of business.
Invest in OryxCash ICO. Let us together shape a better fintech for tomorrow.

For more Information Visit our website https://www.oryxian.com/ or join our telegram channel https://t.me/oryxianofficialgroup
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