What is www.bitdrive.tech?

How will Blockchain based Bitdrive offer the Perfect solution to today's Ridesharing industry?

I think that this is a A truly global ride sharing platform The diversity and application of block chain technology is infinite and we can not emphasize its importance in building business models. They have raised the following outline and developed this unique vision to solve the problem faced by the ride sharing industry.

They have created and applied it specifically for the vehicle industry using appropriately constructed business model block chain platform. Therefore, certain cryptographic coins / tokens are created to fuel transactions on the platform.

The same encryption is used to reward contributors, such as constant contribution to the platform, completion of more trips, achievement of set goals, introduction of other drivers, etc. Increasing the number of transactions will raise currency value and will bring better benefits for investors and customers

Decentralized system

One of their only reasons for adopting Blockchain technology is decentralization Give the user full autonomy, no individuals or groups of individuals Make decisions on behalf of the system. Instead, all individuals Decision to determine system process using system protocol.

This is all Direct transactions are carried out between passengers and drivers on the system. Into In addition, the collected fee is minimized and the system uses its own encryption currency In addition, monetary currency and bank card are reserved.
For more info you can visit at www.bitdrive.tech
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