Tokeneo is the biggest Polish ICO in 2018. The ideas and plan backing this project are unique and economical which set us apart from the other crypto exchanges out there. Here are our top 5 reasons as to why Tokeneo is not just another crypto exchange:

From the very moment of the launching of the Tokeneo platform, users will have access to a minimum of 25 token markets with assured appropriate liquidity. These markets are selected in correspondent to the current segments in the industry and will primarily focus on the most interesting available technologies, the biggest potential for their growth and adoption, but also taking into account the expected turnover.
A leading highlight of our offer is the ‘fiat market,’ that is the markets of national currencies.We will make every endeavor to have at least one of the cryptocurrencies with the open fiat market. Currencies like EUR, USD or GBP already at the moment of the exchange launch.
The main objective of our team is to create the most open trading platform. The Tokeneo token is to ensure this happening. It connects the investor with the product, namely, the exchange. We perceive the individuals participating in the ICO as business partners and not capital donors. We attach great importance to direct communication with investors and we would like them to share our vision. Therefore we have decided to sell the vast majority of tokens and distribute the future gains from the platform 50% / 50%. By this, the investor can profit heavily as well.
We also introduce the concept of a voice given to our investors as we believe it is them who make this success possible. The Tokeneo token will also entitle to express opinions and decisions as regards the direction the of exchange development in the voting process. Every token holder will be able to vote in favour of the selected exchange functions, which are to be implemented in the first place, reject the solutions that they consider to be mistaken or decide about what market will be opened next.
Tokeneo avails the use of unique and simple yet powerful tools that help the investors to track and analyse their asset performance like never before. With Tokeneo, you will never skip the news again with their integrated system of all official news channels of each market/token integrated on their platform.
The cryptocurrency market is familiar with many attempts to introduce such solutions, unfortunately their results were always distorted by specially written bots or multiple voters.

In our opinion, the perfect solution to this situation is the Tokeneo token, which will enable to vote of proportionate significance only to the Tokeneo token holders involved in the future of the platform. Tokeneo aims at being the very first global exchange which essentially enables being its shareholder.

For more information on how to make the most out of your investments, visit http://tokeneo.com.

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